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Bravo pH monitoring is a patient-friendly test used to diagnose the source of heartburn. This exam will assess the symptoms you are experiencing, determine the duration and frequency of the acid that is reversing into your esophagus, and allow your provider to confirm a diagnosis of GERD. The Bravo pH monitoring system utilizes a very small pH capsule (approximately the size of a gel cap), that is affixed to your esophagus to measure the pH and send information to a small receiver that you will wear around your waste. To find out more about this exam and how it may benefit you, request a consultation with a Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates GI specialist at your earliest convenience.

Do you have heartburn that is so severe that it complicates your daily life? If you experience a frequent burning sensation in your chest, frequent indigestion, or a bitter taste in your mouth regularly, you may be suffering from chronic heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Chronic or frequent heartburn can be associated with a more serious situation known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Without proper treatment, GERD can lead to more serious medical issues like narrowing of the esophagus, difficulty swallowing, or Barrett's esophagus. With GERD, a prompt diagnosis and treatment are critical so that proper management can be started to ensure your condition does not progress into something more severe. If you are having continued issues with heartburn or indigestion, speak to a New Orleans, LA gastroenterologist about being tested for GERD using Bravo pH monitoring.

It only takes a few moments to place the Bravo pH capsule in the esophagus. Once set, the testing period will begin. Depending on what your provider has requested, the test will last for at least 48 hours. The capsule is not connected to a catheter, so you will not be connected to any wires or tubes. Due to its small size, you will be able to resume eating normally and continue with your daily schedule. Although it is very small, some individuals have reported being able to faintly feel the capsule in their throat when they consume food or liquids. Drinking liquids and eating carefully can help to minimize this feeling, should you experience it.

During the exam, you will need to keep a record of any reflux symptoms you may have. You will return both the receiver and this record of symptoms to your provider once the test has been completed. All of the data from the exam will be uploaded into the computer system and reviewed by the GI specialist to determine a diagnosis. The results of your exam, along with optimal treatment options, will be discussed and decided in tandem with our GI team on how to best meet your needs.

There is no reason you should continue to suffer from persistent heartburn and ingestion when expert help is readily available. The board-certified gastroenterologists at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates are here to help you get back on the path to a better quality of life. Our providers can diagnose whether your chronic heartburn is GERD and help to manage your symptoms to ensure that your condition does not progress into a more serious situation. Contact your nearest New Orleans, LA location to locate a knowledgeable GI specialist in your community that can help increase your GI health today.

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