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Feeding tube insertion, also known as PEG or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, is a treatment in which a tube is positioned directly into the stomach. This tube allows for nutrition, fluids, and medication to enter immediately into the stomach without passing through either the esophagus or mouth. This treatment could be especially relevant if a patient has trouble swallowing or other issues with consuming proper nutrition orally. If you or a family member has additional questions regarding feeding tube insertion in New Orleans, LA, it is best to consult with a highly trained GI specialist. Please request an appointment at a local Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates to further explore this option for care.

PEG or feeding tube insertion is oftentimes indicated for individuals who are not able to consume enough nutrition by mouth, for example, individuals who may have a hard time swallowing. In some instances, an individual might only need a feeding tube for a limited amount of time, while others will use a feeding tube for the rest of their lives. The duration of use of a feeding tube is dependent upon the cause of the condition. The tube itself will need to be replaced regularly to prevent clogging or deterioration. Depending on the reason for the feeding tube insertion, a person may or may not be permitted to intake food or liquid orally. If the tube is required due to difficulty swallowing such as following a stroke, you will most likely receive restrictions regarding your oral consumption. Some people receiving a feeding tube are still allowed to eat or drink following the procedure. It is vital to determine this by consulting with your Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates GI specialist.

PEG is a common procedure, but, as with any medical treatment, it might come with some risks. Some examples of the risks of feeding tube insertion could include pain surrounding the tube's entry point, displacement of the feeding tube, and bleeding. Speak with your specialist regarding any questions or concerns you might have or risks that could be of more consequence for you. It is important to discuss all the potential benefits as well as risks of this procedure with your New Orleans, LA gastroenterology provider before the placement of the feeding tube.

Feeding tube insertion could permit the passage of sustenance into the body when it is not possible to consume food or drink orally. If you or a loved one needs a feeding tube, we encourage you to ask questions of an expert GI specialist by contacting Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates. As a physician-led group of GI experts, Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates strives to give patient-focused service that exceeds expectations. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable digestive health specialists if you find yourself with additional questions regarding feeding tube insertion in New Orleans, LA or any other method for treating individuals with GI concerns.

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Dr. Marino was knowledgeable, thorough and kind as he questioned my symptoms.

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Dr Reddy is an AMAZING doctor!!! Very thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Listened patiently and addressed each of my concerns. I feel like I'm visiting family at my appointments.

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I felt cared for, from the check in staff to the attending nurse after my procedure. The staff was very attentive. They made me feel very comfortable. I don’t do well with anesthesia , I expressed that and I felt as if I was heard. Dr. Mayer A+. Lily, my nurse before the procedure was absolutely wonderful. The anesthesia nurse as I stated before , calmed my fears. My attending nurse post procedure was very nice . I apologize for not remembering her name, I was still a little loopy.The front desk staff is the first point of contact and she definitely was an example of the rest of the staff. Thank you very much for your service.

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Dr Awtrey and his professional staff provided excellent service. I was seen in an urgent manner, immediately scheduled for an exploratory procedure, and treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and professionalism that anyone would expect. I’m glad I chose Dr. Awtrey’s office for my G.I. needs and would recommend him highly to anyone in need of the service.

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A most pleasant first time colonoscopy! The staff was professional yet fun, which eased my anxiety and relaxed me before the big event. Even the music was exceptional! If you need a camera routed through your colon, don’t take a chance with just any team, book this one!

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