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The Restech Dx-pH Test is a diagnostic test that measures the amount of acid reflux reaching the airway and helps determine if the reflux is the cause of symptoms such as chronic cough, hoarseness, and asthma. The upper airway can be more sensitive than the esophagus to acids and enzymes that are produced in the stomach. This sensitivity can cause symptoms often overlooked by traditional monitoring symptoms that are not able to measure the pH of aerosolized material in the oropharynx.

At Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates, we use the state-of-the-art technology in the Restech Dx-pH Test to measure not only liquid but aerosolized particulates leading to accurate testing to diagnose all of your reflux symptoms. To learn more about this advanced diagnostic test, request a consultation with a local GI specialist in New Orleans, LA today.

The Restech Dx-pH is a simple and comfortable test performed with a small probe containing a pH sensor at the tip. It is placed through the nose and advanced until the tip is at the back of the throat—high enough so you cannot feel it when you speak or swallow. The sensor collects pH data and sends it to a small recorder worn on the belt or over the shoulder.

During the testing period (typically 24 hours), you will be able to eat normal meals, go to work as usual, exercise, and otherwise continue with your daily activities. The Dx-System charts pH levels to document when reflux occurs most frequently, and monitors the severity. With your input, the Dx-System tracks meals, symptoms, and the periods when you are upright or lying down. This information helps correlate symptoms and reflux patterns, thus allowing your provider to treat your symptoms more effectively.

Generally, any alternatives will depend on the reason for needing Restech Dx-pH monitoring in the first place. A laryngoscopy is an alternate procedure that can allow your provider to assess the degree of tissue damage but will not diagnose if is caused by vocal strain, coughing, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), or another ailment. Restech Dx-pH is the best method for diagnosing your atypical reflux symptoms and provides data that is imperative in identifying the impact that LPR has on your symptoms. If you would like more information regarding the Restech Dx-pH Test in New Orleans, LA, request a consultation at your nearest location today.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as chronic cough, sinusitis, and hoarseness and feel that reflux might be the culprit, contact a digestive health specialist at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates. Our expert gastroenterologists utilize cutting-edge technology, such as the Restech Dx-pH Test with New Orleans, LA patients regularly, to provide the best in acid reflux diagnostic testing. For further information on how to diagnose your reflux symptoms using the Restech Dx-pH monitoring system or discuss how to better manage your symptoms, contact a location near you to request a consultation.

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