The Best (Simple and Tasty) Ways to Sneak Fiber into your Diet

You know you need fiber in your diet to keep things running smoothly…But what if you can’t stomach the idea of forcing down some bland bran muffins? Good news: You don’t have to eat bran muffins. Adding fiber to your diet is tasty and not boring — when you know how to sneak it in!

Fiber-fortified foods are a good way to get more fiber, but they aren’t the most ideal way to add fiber because your body wants the actual foods filled with fiber. And if you have IBD or other digestive concerns, fiber may affect you differently so talk to your doctor.)

Check out these simple and tasty ways to add in more fiber to your daily food intake:


You want a crunchy snack at night, or even midday while working. Instead of grabbing some chips, have some popcorn! It’s full of fiber and satisfying for your snack tooth. (Just refrain from dousing it with salt and butter to keep it healthy!)

Chia Seeds

You’ve heard of them, but not sure how to use them, right? They’re packed with fiber and go well adding them to your cereal or oatmeal, tossing in a smoothie, or in your muffins and cookies (they can even sometimes be substituted for eggs in those recipes!).


An apple a day does help keep the doctor away! Bored with snacking on an entire apple? Top your salad with them, or make a chicken and cheese quesadilla with slices of apples in it! Make your own baked cinnamon apple slices to snack on, or just cut them up to snack on while you’re making dinner. Bonus: Keep the skin on when you can for more nutrients!


Sure, snacking on a handful or two of nuts throughout the day is simple and tasty — but try tossing some into a stir fry for dinner, or get in the habit of throwing them on your salad.


Eating your vegetables doesn’t have to be boring: Grill high-fiber vegetables like Brussels sprouts, carrots, artichokes and red potatoes and brush them with seasonings for a fun twist on getting your veggies in (and keep their skins on!).


Get your daily servings of fruit AND your fiber in by tossing a bunch of fruits (and chia seeds) into a morning smoothie to get you going — or at midday for a healthy boost.


The next time you see flaxseed when you’re grocery shopping, grab some: And simply add some into your next sandwich spread or stir it into your yogurt for a fiber punch without bland flavor.

Whole Grain Foods

Whenever possible, swap out processed white flour foods for whole grain ones…like noodles, breads, and rice. Their fiber helps you feel full more quickly, and for longer. And the fiber helps your digestive system. (Find out 5 Easy Ways to Swap out Processed Foods for a Healthier Gut)

Talk to your GI Doctor

Always remember to talk to your doctor before changing your diet. Got questions? Contact Gastrointestinal Specialists, P.C. and we’ll help you with all your digestive health! (Check out these other ways to promote better digestive health besides eating more fiber.)