What Are Some Common Stomach Diseases and Conditions?

Stomach Diseases

We've all had an upset stomach or bowel issues at some point in life. This may occur after consuming a meal, or it might take place as we’re going throughout our day. Nonetheless, frequent abdominal distress or urgent bowel needs could indicate that meeting with a New Orleans, LA gastroenterologist is something to seriously consider. At Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates, our experienced team of experts is ready to help you get relief from stomach problems.

Are a lot of people impacted by stomach problems?

Approximately 10 – 15% of adults in the United States are affected by abdominal pain, per the American College of Gastroenterology. Although you might believe a minor belly ache or grumbling is not of concern, it's advantageous to become familiar with the different kinds of stomach diseases and disorders, and their associated symptoms, so that you know what to look out for. Our GI experts at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates offer specialized treatment options to help relieve discomfort from stomach conditions.

What are common stomach diseases to be aware of?

Several gastrointestinal diseases can exhibit similar symptoms. Seeing a GI doctor is a crucial step that could keep your GI system healthy, happy, and well-maintained throughout your lifetime. Some stomach issues commonly experienced have very similar symptoms, including diarrhea, burning or aching pain in the stomach area, heartburn, queasiness, vomiting, feeling full after eating a small amount, and bloating. If you’ve experienced ongoing pain, stomach concerns that you're unable to alleviate, or a burning or aching sensation, it's vital to seek treatment for stomach issues in New Orleans, LA to maintain your health and wellness. Some common stomach diseases are:

  • Gastroparesis
  • Gastric (stomach) cancer
  • Non-ulcer dyspepsia
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Gastritis

A consultation with the team at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates can offer the care you need for stomach problems and help you get back to enjoying life in comfort.

When is treatment necessary for stomach problems?

If non-prescription medications are no longer easing your symptoms, and you've had ongoing discomfort or constant bowel habits that are unusual, we urge you to visit a gastroenterologist. These practitioners are skilled at helping patients improve the gastrointestinal functionality of everything from the esophagus to the stomach, liver, pancreas, and colon. Their extensive experience allows them to care for a wide range of stomach diseases, ranging from peptic ulcers to gastroenteritis.

Although the treatments for stomach issues and diseases may differ, they generally initiate with an overhaul of your symptoms and go from there based on your unique needs. Meeting with our experienced physicians is the initial step in experiencing relief from stomach concerns.

Find care for stomach issues in New Orleans, LA

At Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates, our team of GI doctors is committed to offering treatment that can improve the quality of your life. If you’re dealing with chronic stomach discomfort, frequent bathroom visits, or require complex treatment for stomach cancer, our gastrointestinal specialists in New Orleans, LA have the skills and training to help you along your journey. We don't want you to have to deal with stomach pain or problems on a daily basis. Please don't delay. Schedule a visit at our practice today to get the care you need to function normally and in greater comfort.