What Are the Benefits of GI Clinical Trials?

GI Clinical Trials

Clinical trials in gastroenterology allow gastrointestinal (GI) physicians to evaluate the efficacy of modern and modified treatment approaches, making sure they are safe and effective for individuals of all backgrounds. Volunteering for gastroenterology research trials may provide positive outcomes to people who have not experienced favorable results with available treatment options or patients who would like to help further grow the field of gastroenterology research. Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates is delighted to serve as a premier authority for cutting-edge research into GI conditions and diseases. Such clinical research can help those impacted by GI concerns lead an improved quality of life now and over time.

These significant trials are vital to learning how to effectively address a number of distressing GI diseases, cancers, and conditions. If you wish to participate in exploring treatment options for yourself and other patients facing GI concerns, then you might be a candidate for clinical trials. For help with finding a gastroenterology clinical trial in New Orleans, LA, reach out to our team today.

What are GI clinical research trials?

Once an experimental medical device, drug, or treatment has been put through testing in a lab and evaluated in animals to understand how safe and successful it could possibly be in human beings, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may permit clinical research on human participants. Such clinical research is carried out on a broad range of patients in an effort to ascertain whether the new treatment can be allowed for use by the general public. The gastroenterology clinical studies supported by Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates could possibly be analyzing the outcomes of new, experimental medical devices, medications, behavioral interventions, or diets. Clinical studies enable health professionals to discern a treatment’s ideal dosage, possible side effects, and whether or not the treatment is more effective than treatments currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration and on the general market.

How do I know if I'm a candidate for a clinical research study?

Ideal candidates for GI clinical trials may have been diagnosed with a therapy-resistant digestive disorder or disease. Taking part in a gastroenterology clinical research study allows these patients to access treatment approaches that are not yet offered for public use. At certain times, gastroenterology studies might need to include healthy patients as subjects. Healthy individuals may elect to be included in research studies in an effort to help determine ways to treat or prevent a disease that might run in their family. It is important that clinical studies consist of individuals of all ethnicities, age groups, and genders so that the data collected is applicable to a wide range of individuals.

How are gastroenterology clinical trials conducted?

If you are interested in partaking in gastroenterology clinical trials in New Orleans, LA, you should first connect with a GI physician near you. Our team at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates can help you arrange an appointment with one of our GI specialists. If a clinical trial is being performed, our team will provide detailed information about the study and what the researchers are looking for in their subjects. To determine whether you qualify for the clinical study, the investigative professionals will thoroughly screen you. If accepted, you will most likely be required to fill out a form providing your informed consent and be assessed at an introductory “baseline” consultation. Throughout the scope of the trial, you would return to the study facility as recommended to undergo assessments or evaluations depending on what data the trial is analyzing. You are advised to always present any issues or concerns to the clinical trial staff.

Want to learn more about GI clinical trials in New Orleans, LA?

As an experienced, skilled team of digestive health physicians, Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates strives to offer individuals the most up-to-date information in innovative GI research. Individuals who have not seen success with established treatments, or for whom no current treatment options are in effect, might be good candidates for a clinical trial. If you or a family member has a digestive condition and would like to discover more about undergoing new and emerging treatment methods, reach out to Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates to learn about gastroenterology clinical trials in New Orleans, LA.