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Food intolerance is described as a problem breaking down certain types of foods. Food has proteins, nutrients, carbohydrates, fat compounds, and naturally occurring substances that enhance its flavor and smell. Several of them could lead to symptoms of food intolerance. It's important to note that food intolerance is different from an allergic reaction, where even a little bit of a particular food might result in a slight to severe immune system response. Food intolerance generally develops slowly and can result when you ingest too much of a particular food, too often. If you would like to hear more information about food intolerances and how they can affect your GI health, contact Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates to request an appointment. Our team offers treatment for food intolerances in New Orleans, LA and can help you and your loved ones manage this condition efficiently.

Many symptoms could be attributable to food intolerances. A few of the most prevalent include:

  • Bloated stomach
  • Sweating during sleep
  • Joint discomfort
  • Throwing up
  • An irritable bowel
  • Swelling below your eyes
  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin issues (like rashes and eczema)

Food intolerance is unique to you and is caused by foods that are generally safe for most others. Some of the most well-known causes include:

  • Food high in histamine (like fermented or aged items)
  • Some natural components, like preservatives
  • Wide assortment of artificial substances, preservatives, and coloring agents utilized in packaged food products
  • Insufficient amount of enzymes specific for the breakdown of particular foods
  • Salicylates in several fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs
  • Certain foods, such as red kidney beans or chickpeas which can have toxins when eaten raw

Our New Orleans, LA gastroenterology providers can help you discern which foods might be triggering the condition.

The timing and type of reactions you experience can point to food intolerance as well as distinguish the condition from a food allergy. Keeping an accurate account of your dietary habits and monitoring symptoms can help you recognize the foods that could be causing these effects. As soon as the responsible food is discovered, you will be advised to temporarily eliminate it from your diet under a provider's supervision. The Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates gastroenterologists will then check you for progress or betterment of symptoms. After this, the suspected trigger is readded to your consumption to verify the diagnosis.

If you are having concerning symptoms that make you suspect you have an intolerance to a certain food, then you might consider working with a local gastroenterologist. You can find a GI specialist who can help with food intolerances by getting in touch with our board-certified group at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates. Our providers can work with you to identify and remove your trigger foods to help you enjoy better health once again. If you would like to hear more on food intolerances and how they can be alleviated, request a consultation at one of our New Orleans, LA locations today.

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