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The symptoms of bowel incontinence, also referred to as fecal incontinence, occur when you are unable to manage your bowel movements. It's a regular concern in older adults and can span from a total loss of management to stool leakage that is intermittent when passing gas. Even though bowel incontinence is not generally a severe health issue, it can seriously interfere with your everyday life. You do not have to tolerate this ailment. Speak with Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates without delay to partner with a GI specialist in New Orleans, LA who will help create a treatment plan that could better your life.

There are some signs that bowel incontinence is occurring. Common signals of bowel or fecal incontinence are:

  • Leaking feces when you are not utilizing the restroom, such as when you cough or have gas
  • The pressing need to experience a bowel movement
  • Discharge of stool or flatulence that can’t be regulated
  • Diminished perception of the requirement to experience a bowel movement or pass flatulence

If you feel you are having bowel incontinence and need support with this condition, request a consultation with a gastroenterologist at a local Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates so that they can establish a therapy plan that will provide relief.

Bowel incontinence is a condition that may be treatable once a cause is pinpointed and reliable treatment is confirmed. Treatment suggestions may vary, however, more than one treatment may be needed to manage the symptoms. Non-surgical procedures for this condition can usually affect your diet. A few actions to try to assist you are:

  • Consuming a couple of glasses of water each day to prevent constipation
  • Consuming more than 20 – 30 grams of fiber every day (can make feces large and easier to handle)
  • Not consuming caffeine, as this may help to hinder diarrhea

During a consultation with our New Orleans, LA gastroenterology providers, we can discuss your treatment options.

Navigating life with bowel incontinence doesn't need to be your reality. Request an appointment with our gastrointestinal providers at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates so that our team can provide the treatment you require to live your life without this daily concern. We frequently treat bowel incontinence in New Orleans, LA individuals and look forward to helping you to get back to your normal routine.

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