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Vomiting happens when the body is trying to protect you from a threat. Whether you’ve somehow ingested a harmful substance, you have developed a viral or bacterial infection, or your body thinks that you may have been poisoned, vomiting is the natural way that the body works to expel anything that it perceives as a threat. However, if you or someone you love has experienced persistent vomiting, it is essential to seek specialized help. The professionals at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates can get to the bottom of the situation and find the source that is triggering the vomiting. Contact us to request an appointment with a gastroenterological specialist who can provide you with the care for vomiting in New Orleans, LA you need.

Vomiting may be prompted by a plethora of different factors. Vomiting can be a side effect of something going on in the stomach or another part of your body. It could be resulting from food poisoning, sickness, or another gastrointestinal concern. It is vital to get help for vomiting, especially if you do not know what the cause is. It is also important to note that, persistent rounds of vomiting can be a red flag meaning you need immediate treatment. Contact our team of highly trained gastroenterologists at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates to request a consultation so that you can get back on the path to wellness.

While it is extremely common to vomit, the severity of the episode is what you should be aware of when you’re deciding if you should request professional help. Motion sickness and food poisoning will usually resolve quickly. However, if you’re experiencing vomiting in tandem with things like pain in your chest, difficulty breathing, or you are vomiting blood, you should visit one of our New Orleans, LA gastroenterology providers. Any persistent rounds of vomiting that last for numerous days with an unknown cause should also prompt you to request an appointment.

If you’re dealing with vomiting that you cannot manage, allow our specialized gastrointestinal providers at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates to help you. We are here to use our experience and skills to direct you toward an optimal solution. Request a consultation to get help for vomiting in New Orleans, LA and connect with our team at your earliest convenience.

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Dr. Mayer is a very thoughtful listener and clearly explains the current situation. I have always felt I was in the most capable care with him.

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Dr. Mayer has a lot of knowledge and experience, and as a result I have confidence in the care I receive. He addresses the subtleties in gastroenterology as well as the clear indicators. He establishes a good rapport with his patients which helps ensure all bases are covered at all times.

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Dr. Marino is very personable and thorough. He's eager to help find a solution to your problems. Highly recommended.

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Love Dr. Catinis. Great bedside manners. Dr. Catinis listens to his patients concerns and address them appropriately. He takes his time with you.

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I believe in my doctor 100%

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